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5 Principles to Move By

When we do our training courses we’re taught the ‘Basic Principles’ of pilates but these are not the same across all schools. For example, STOTT Pilates 5 basic principles of Breathing, Pelvic Placement, Rib Cage Placement, Scapular Movement and Stabilisation and Head and Cervical Placement are different to Body Control’s 8 basic principles of Relaxation, […]

The Spring of 2020

I dropped my 7-year old off at school today for the first time in 14 weeks. He lined up on his 2m apart footprints, hand gel in hand and didn’t give me a second glance as he marched into school. Children really are the superstars of this pandemic. They just get on with things, do […]

The Empty Studio

I started this blog writing about the coronavirus pandemic and then realised it was far too big and emotional subject to even go there. Also, I’m not in the least bit qualified to comment on medicine or politics so I’ll stick to what I know best…exercise. My whole working life, 21 years, I’ve spent gathering […]

The Power Of The Group

Pilates Class 2007, Langcliffe Village Hall Group exercise has an enduring power. In so many ways, for both body and mind, getting together and moving has a magic about it. And it’s so simple, you just need to find your thing. Dance, circuits, walking, biking, aerobics, boxercise, pilates, the ‘thing’ is irrelevant (I can make […]

(Honest) Diary of a Pilates Convention

The International Pilates Heritage Congress 2019 Day 1 – arrived in Monchengladbach at the Hotel Leonardo having successfully navigated Dusseldorf’s public transport system, very proud of myself for not ending up in Munich. The vast room all to myself at less than €60/night is a real treat. So far, so good. Head down to hotel […]

The 2018 National Fitness Awards

In so many ways it’s been quite an experience to be part of this year’s National Fitness Awards. The awards, now in their 9th year, are “an opportunity to celebrate all that is amazing about our wonderful industry” and to “pay tribute to the hard work, the dedication and innovation that is taking place up […]

10 Reasons I Love Pilates

I’m in a long-term relationship with pilates. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a part of life forever. Here’s why… Exercise of any kind makes us feel great. It enhances our mood, energises our bodies and improves our health. There is never a good reason not to exercise. In order to exercise […]

THE Pilates Retreat

You don’t need to leave the country to get some time to yourself, but it helps… I’m heading home from my first pilates retreat. For the real deal of relaxation, expert pilates tuition and understated luxury I think I’d struggle to find 4 days to match those I’ve just had. I had very high, yet […]

Musings on the Life of Joseph Pilates

Return to Life Through Contrology (1945) and Your Health: A corrective system of exercising that revolutionises the entire field of physical education (1934), both by Joseph Pilates This post is simply my thoughts on an extraordinary man. How many of us have ‘Pilates’ in our business name? I think he deserves our attention from time to time! Imagine living between […]

Pelvic Floor Exercises, A Bit Like Housework

Pelvic floor exercises: not so glamorous, nobody notices except you when you’ve done them, you can’t just do them once in a while and there’s always something better to do. But WAY, WAY more important than housework! It’s a long one this week so put the kettle on and give yourself a clear 20 minutes […]