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This project began in response to my regular class members wanting pilates ‘homework’. Over the years I’ve tried several methods…printed sheets of exercises, CDs (I made these when I took my first maternity leave in 2009 and they are still played today in village halls in Yorkshire!) and DVDs. All of which now seem archaic in this digital era. So I thought I had better modernise my approach!

My studio is based in the Yorkshire Dales, the population is scattered far and wide across swathes of glorious countryside. There isn’t exactly  a pilates studio (or a shop, pub, school) on every corner and pilates teachers, although they have increased over the last decade, are still few and far between. So another motive for this site was to reach out to folk who couldn’t get to a pilates class because there simply wasn’t one within a 30mile radius.

I would love to teach pilates to everyone who makes an enquiry in my studio. I have bags of energy, commitment, enthusiasm and imagination for my classes and I firmly believe that everyone should have an amazing pilates experience every time they set foot in the studio. But to maintain this quality, I can’t go for quantity and I can’t meet the demand for classes. My hope is that by creating this library I can reach out to many more people and spread the pilates love a touch further than my little Yorkshire village.

I truly hope you enjoy using the site and viewing my videos.





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