The Spring of 2020

I dropped my 7-year old off at school today for the first time in 14 weeks. He lined up on his 2m apart footprints, hand gel in hand and didn’t give me a second glance as he marched into school. Children really are the superstars of this pandemic. They just get on with things, do as they’re told (providing it’s not their mum talking) and seem to live in the moment. As opposed to me, I’ve been worrying about everything possible since March…coronavirus, work, family, friends and the existential worry always in my mind, the environment. I’d like it if someone could please just let me know the right thing to do about EVERYTHING, then I remember I’m the grown up now and I need to get a grip!

In amongst the often terrifying news of this global health and economic catastrophe, the springtime of 2020 will be one I remember most for the time I have spent with my boys. It has been frustrating, emotional, exhausting, often boring but more than that it has been full of times that I would never have experienced without being forced to stop work and stand back. Moments of joy, laughter, pride and surprise as we have walked, explored, played and learnt all sorts together. I’ve got to know them much better and I think I might miss them (just a little bit) when they both return to school.

Work wise, I will only look back on this time with positive feelings. Despite closing the doors on a 14-year business back in March I have realised that the pilates community Kirsten, Beth and I have nurtured doesn’t always need a building. Our online classes have given so many of us the chance to improve our strength of body and mind with daily pilates from our homes. I think I would have been quite at sea without this routine and connection to everyone. I am so grateful to everyone who has joined us. Kirsten, Beth (and bump) I can’t thank you enough for pressing that ‘live’ button and joining me in our overnight switch to virtual pilates!

Looking ahead (I do love a plan) I’d hoped to get a little bit of life back into the studio in July, during a brief window when the boys returned to school on the same days. But indoor fitness facilities are not allowed to open on the speculated date of July 4th and even though I expect they will do so by the end of July, I’ve decided to wait until September to reopen. July and August are notoriously quiet months for studio classes and I’ll (still!) have the kids in tow wherever I go. It will also be useful to see how things pan out with the virus locally and be in a position to make as safe a decision as we can by Autumn.

In the meantime, it’s become a worldwide mantra, but it still needs to be said…please do Stay Safe. Take care of yourselves and those around you, oh and don’t forget to do your pilates 😍

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