Classes on the mats follow the essential, intermediate and advanced STOTT PILATES and APPI repertoires. The balanced workouts include exercises to work all the muscle groups in the body, with an emphasis on the core area from the shoulder girdle to the hips.

The exercises are performed lying on the front, back or side. kneeling, sitting or standing. The prinicples of breathing, pelvis and ribcage placement, shoulder stabilisation and head and neck placement provide the basis of every move.

Matwork classes are recommended for those who have no serious injuries, who like the social element of a class environment and who can commit to a scheduled time each week.

Matwork classes are limited to 8 participants.


The reformer was the original invention of Joseph Pilates. It has a moving platform that glides forwards and backwards on rollers, using a system of springs and pulleys for resistance.

This moving platform means that the body is continuously stabilising through the core muscles.

The reformer balances strength and flexibility, provides eccentric and concentric muscle contraction and encourages correct postural alignment. In comparison to the matwork, the reformer increases the work of the muscles in the legs, upper body and bottom.

Reformer sessions are progressive and challenging and suitable for everyone from the non-exerciser to the athlete.

Reformer classes are limited to 3 participants.