Classes are 60mins

18:00 Level 2 Mat Jess
19:30 Level 2/3 Mat Kirsten
09:15 Level 3 Mat Jess
10:40 Level 2 Mat Jess
14:00 Level 2 Reformer + Jumpboard Jess
19:30 Level 2/3 Mat Kirsten
09:15 Level 2 Mat Jess
10:40 Level 1 Mat Jess
18:00 Level 3 Mat Jess
09:15 Level 3 Mat Jess
09:15 Level 2 Reformer + Jumpboard Jess
10:40 Level 2 Reformer Jess

This mat class is for individuals who have perhaps had a long break from exercise, or have health concerns or limitations while exercising. The basic principles of pilates are emphasised with the goal of improving strength and balance in order to perform everyday tasks with greater ease. You will be encouraged to exercise at your own pace and props are used to modify the essential exercises.

Level 2 matwork classes flow through the pilates repertoire to establish and improve upon core stability, strength and flexibility. The session gives you a balanced and challenging workout. Continually emphasising the principles of pilates and utilising the deep abdominal muscles, we move dynamically from one move to the next.

Our level 3 classes challenge participants’ core stability and strength through the introduction of more dynamic moves. The workout flows with continual movement to ensure that every muscle is stretched and strengthened. Our aim is to transfer your achievements in the studio to your chosen sport or activity to improve your performance, reduce your chances of injury and quicken your recovery.

Level 2 reformer classes explore the intermediate repertoire and work the body in all planes of movements. The spring resistance provided by the reformers improves strength, while the moving platform improves coordination, balance and core stability. These classes flow through imaginative exercises to provide a whole body, fun workout.

This athletic workout is for injury-free participants who wish to improve their sporting performance and for pilates enthusiasts who want to have a lot of fun while improving their power, strength and endurance. Experience of the reformer or regular participation in Level 3 Mat classes are pre-requisites of the course.

Private sessions are recommended for a variety of reasons. You may be new to pilates and a one to one session will allow us to introduce the basic principles and decide which class is right for you. Or, you may be recovering from injury or illness and prefer to exercise at your own pace, performing exercises on a variety of apparatus, designed for your individual needs. Alternatively, you may be training at a high level in sport and need individual attention to improve your performance even further.

  • Pilates Matwork Class
  • Pilates Reformer Class
  • Private Tuition
    30 mins £20
  • 60 mins £35
  • Online Lessons

Classes are paid for in advance per calendar month

Payment can be made by bank transfer or card at the beginning of each course

Course fees are paid directly to your course teacher